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Missing Kits and Spottedleaf's Death Edit. Talk to Frostfur next to the nursery. She will say that her kits are gone. Spottedleaf is also dead, and Yellowfang is missing. Tigerclaw thinks that Yellowfang is a traitor. Bluestar also wants to speak with you in private. To speak with Bluestar, go to the Treecutplace 4 tiles south of the camp. Talk ...

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this is a quiz for Warrior clan fans Take this quiz! What was Spottedleaf's pelt color What was her Clan Who was Spottedleaf's love interest Who killed Spottedleaf Who was Spottedleaf's Brother Who is Spottedleaf's Mother How do you rate this quiz What was Spottedleaf's

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Spottedleaf is killed by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior, in Into the Wild when she finds him sneaking into the ThunderClan camp and/or tries to stop him from taking ThunderClan kits from the nursery.

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"Darkstripe!" Darkstripe's yowl split the air as the same time that Gingerheart yelled, "Spottedleaf!" Darkstripe slunk back, annoyed. "But I'm way better than her!" "You can say that again," muttered Clawface, the ShadowClan cat who killed Spottedleaf, from behind.

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Spottedleaf trailed off, Fireheart instantly knew what seems to have upsetted the pretty she-cat. Brokenstar still hadn't made an appearance yet, and Clawface, one of his followers. Had left with him, the same cat who had almost killed Spottedleaf if not for Fireheart's interference. "I would love to help!"

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Spottedleaf is murdered in the very first warriors book, Into the wild, by a shadowclan warrior; Clawface. In the last book of the 4 series of Warriors, Spottedleaf's spirit saves Sandstorm from...

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Spottedleaf is given a new chance at becoming Firestar's mate when she is brought back at Spottedkit, kit of Daisy and Foxleap. When she meets Firestar, millions of …

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She watched in horror as the kit mewled pathetically, trying to get free of Spottedleaf's grasp only for her to tighten it. Mapleshade saw a single droplet of blood appear on her fur. "Let go of her!" she yowled. Spottedleaf, whose gaze had also been following the droplet of blood on the kit's fur, lazily raised her head to look at Mapleshade.

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The ThunderClan cats, including Yellowfang, return with the kits to their camp, where Firepaw and Graypaw inform the Clan it was Clawface, not Yellowfang, who had stolen the kits and killed Spottedleaf. When Ravenpaw's absence is noted, Firepaw, for Ravenpaw's safety, tells the Clan he has been killed by a ShadowClan patrol.

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" Can you imagine what that feels like? To be rejected twice? To be a loner when all you tried to do was love? But don't worry, I made them pay. I looked for revenge whenever I could! Why do you think I'm here?. „ ~ Mapleshade to Crookedstar.. Mapleshade is a major villain in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series. She serves as the main antagonist of the super edition Crookedstar's Promise and the novella Goosefeather's Curse, and is also one of the main antagonists of the story arc Omen of...

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Spottedleaf is given a new chance at becoming Firestar's mate when she is brought back at Spottedkit, kit of Daisy and Foxleap. When she meets Firestar, millions of …

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"Well, hello, Spottedleaf," Clawface purred rustily, gouging furrows in the dirt from his claws. "I see that you are all alone…" Spottedleaf opened her mouth to yowl but in one swift movement Clawface leapt at her, pinning her down with a large paw on her neck. Spottedleaf tore at Clawface's fur but the tom hardly seemed to notice.

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Oct 10, 2017 · Blackfoot would have just taken them, and there would have been no need for Clawface to come back a second time and kill Spottedleaf. So by saving the kits, Yellowfang killed Spottedleaf! I …

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Under Brokenstar's reign, he kidnapped Frostfur's kits and killed Spottedleaf. After being exiled by ShadowClan, Clawface was killed by Graystripe during another raid on ThunderClan's camp.

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Spottedleaf's Death (+Speedpaint) 144 76 6K (1 Today) ... Although it's not canon, I like to believe that if a StarClan cat is killed as Spottedleaf was, they break apart into stars, which was what I was trying to show, but sorta failed Anywho, hope ya like it!

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Fanpop quiz: who killed spottedleaf - See if you can answer this WARRIOR CATS trivia question!

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Thistleclaw discovers Ivypool is a traitor and attacks her and Tigerheart, confused why Tigerstar's kin would fight for the Clans. Hollyleaf arrives to Ivypool's aid, and drives away Thistleclaw and Snowtuft. Brokenstar is killed, and Thistleclaw stops his fight with Spiderleg to call a retreat.

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The kits drown after Mapleshade tries crossing the river. When she went to RiverClan, Appledusk and Darkstar rejected her. Mad with grief, Mapleshade killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk to avenge her kits. Perchpaw killed Mapleshade, and she went to the Place of No Stars after death.

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Brokenkit later killed his father and nearly destroyed all of the clans," Yellowfang said, her voice quivering as she spoke. Spottedleaf stared, jaw-dropped, at the old gray she-cat. Was this how StarClan punished cats who broke the code?

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6 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. Yes, Mapleshade did make Thistleclaw evil, and that made Tigerstar evil, nearly destroyed Crookedstar's life, and killed Spottedleaf's spirit, but if she was in StarClan, do you think she would have done that?

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Nov 21, 2008 · Warriors-Spottedleaf??? Dose anyone know what happened to Spottedleaf? Who killed her or how didi she die and did Firestar really love her like Sandstorm? Update: Who killed spottedleaf and why dose firestar say he loves sandstorm but he never said any thing to Spottedleaf? Answer Save.

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How well do you know warriors, into the wild? FIND OUT NOW! Take this quiz! What is firepaw's kittypet name? What is the message Spottedleaf gets in the beginning? Where do the clans meet in peace every full moon? How does Bluestar punish Firepaw when he breaks the Warrior code? What is a "loner", according to Graystripe? Which clan goes missing half way through into the wild? what is ...

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His joints ached for being sleeping outside in the clearing. He arched his back in a comforting stretch and turned his head to groom his ruffled fur and glanced at Spottedleaf. Her neat tortoiseshell fur was moving up and down in her steady rythm of breathing. Firepaw breathed a sigh of relief at Spottedleaf was able to breathe properly again.

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Mate- SandstormMother- NutmegFather- JakeSisters- Princess, unnamed siblingsBrothers- unnamed siblingsDaughters- Squirrelflight, Leafpool (with Sandstorm)Nieces- Princess's unnamed kits (via Princess)Nephews- Princess's unnamed kits, Cloudtail (via Princess)Granddaughter- Hollyleaf (via Leafpool)Grandsons- Lionblaze, Jayfeather (via Leafpool)Great-grandkits- Cinderheart's (Lionblaze's) unnamed kits (via L…

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Spottedleaf bent over an injured Ravenpaw, who was unconscious after falling off the High Rock. Lifting tortoiseshell paws, she gently smeared a paste-like medicine on the wound. His fluffy black forehead burned with fever. Spottedleaf glanced towards the entrance to the medicine den. No cat was visible. ‘Maybe... maybe if I poisoned him, they’d think it was infection and shock....