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Central Mass Tree Inc. is a full service Tree Company! Whether you want to improve your property value, protect your home, or clear space, there’s one tree service company in Massachusetts that can take care of all your needs: It’s Firewood time and Central Mass tree Inc. is your firewood headquarters!

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SUBSCRIBE TO E-NEWSLETTER. ATFS is a program of the American Forest Foundation (AFF). Find out how we grow stewardship from the roots by signing up for AFF's weekly e-newsletter.

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The American Elm is the designated state tree of Massachusetts. This tree produces tiny bud-like flowers in the early spring. See pictures and find facts on the American Elm!

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Northampton now has a complete inventory of its public shade trees! Thanks in part to funding from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Northampton hired the Davey Resource Group in 2016 to conduct a first-time inventory of the City's public shade trees. For more information on the project, please read the Mayor's press release (PDF).

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Liriodendron tulipifera. Cucumber-tree 21. Magnolia acuminata. umbrella magnolia 22. Magnolia tripetala. London Plane 23. Platanus × hispanica. Katsura Tree 24. American sycamore 25. Platanus occidentalis. Hamamelis virginiana. honey locust 28. Gleditsia triacanthos. Black Locust 29. Robinia pseudoacacia. eastern redbud 30. Cercis canadensis.

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Trees and tree planting sites owned, planted or maintained by the City of Cambridge, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and MIT, Harvard University and other private organizations. This layer is maintained by Cambridge Public Works. Purpose.

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Visit your local Massachusetts Dollar Tree Location. Bulk supplies for households, businesses, schools, restaurants, party planners and more.

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Massachusetts and North Dakota. Massachusetts chose American Elm as it was the tree species Georgia Washington stood beneath when he assumed command of the Continental Army in 1775. A rapid growing tree species, American Elms may be 50 feet tall in only 20 years.

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TREES OF THE NORTHERN UNITED STATES, Austin C. Apgar. American Book Co. THE FORESTER'S MANUAL, or Forest trees of Eastern North America, a fully illustrated Manual with map showing range of each species. By Ernest Thompson Seton, published by Doubleday, Page & Co. OUR NATIVE TREES, by Harriet L. Keeler, 1900. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York City.

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Save the Dates for Conference 2021 Tuesday-Wednesday • January 12-13, 2021 Thank you to our 2020 Exhibitors and Attendees- all of you made it one of the best conferences ever!

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SavATree also provides commercial tree care programs in Massachusetts that can maintain the beauty, health and safety of the trees on your business property. We have over 20 years of experience working with commercial and municipal properties including historic properties, corporations, golf courses, property management firms and homeowners ...

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It doesn’t matter if the tree or limb came from your property, your neighbor’s property or even municipal property. Massachusetts laws on property disputes between neighbors , "A breakdown of Massachusetts laws on neighbor disputes involving trees, fences, and the right to farm." Massachusetts fallen tree law, Mass. Real Estate Blog.